Apart from salary differentials which are to be provided by the scientist’s parent agency (which is requested from the Department of Budget and Management), SCS-conferred scientists are entitled to receive the following incentives and benefits:

1. Magna Carta Benefits

Pursuant to Section 5 of Republic Act 8439 or the Magna Carta for Scientists, Engineers, Researchers and other S&T Personnel in the Government, conferred scientists under the Scientific Career System are entitled to Magna Carta benefits which include among others honorarium, share in royalties, hazard allowance, subsistence allowance, laundry allowance, etc.

2. Representation and Travel Allowance (RATA)

Please see attached letter from the Department of Budget and Management and SCC-2 Resolution No. 19 and attachments.

3. Exemption from Use of Bundy Clock

Please refer to attached SCC-3 Resolution No. 4 – Unanimously approving the rule that conferred scientists shall be exempted from the use of the Bundy clock.

4. Retirement Benefits

Upon retirement, S&T personnel which include members of the Scientific Career System among others shall automatically be granted one (1) salary grade higher than his/her basic salary and retirement benefits shall be computed on the basis of the highest salary receivedpursuant to Section 3.1 of Republic Act 8439. Non-DOST S&T personnel or scientists should apply for and be issued certification by the DOST agency to be eligible for this provision (DOST Administrative Order 004, Ser. 2009).

Scientific Career System-funded assistance

(Subject to availability of funds and existing accounting and auditing rules and regulations)

5. Publication Assistance and Membership to International Scientific Organizations

SCS-conferred scientists may avail of 500 USD every year to cover payment of membership fee in one (1) international scientific organization and/or subscription to scientific journals and/or publication assistance (see attached SCC-3 Res. No. 14 and SCC-6 Res. No. 39). Payments are done on a reimbursement basis.

6. Foreign Travel Assistance

SCS-conferred scientists may avail of at least 3000 USD foreign travel grant every two years in support to oral paper presentation in international scientific conferences or symposia. Request must be duly endorsed by the agencyhead and shall enclose with full copy of the paper to be presented and copy invitation from the organizer (please see attached SCC-8 Res. 04 and guidelines).

*Note: Requests for SCS-funded assistance must be addressed to the SCC Executive Secretary and endorsed by scientist’s agency head.